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Key Innovation in the Dietary Supplement Industry

2018-08-15 09:22 Wednesday

In the wake of an aging population and improved consumption in China, the capital market has shown increased interest in the health product industry. Furthermore, with the assistance of a favorable regulatory environment, the health industry has entered into a period of high growth, with a projected market value in excess of 8 trillion RMB by 2020. The dietary supplements sector is an especially promising field, with high-growth expected in the coming years, as Chinese consumers become increasingly health-conscious.

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How can functional food manufacturers seize market share in this competitive industry? This article will discuss six key innovations in the dietary supplement industry.

1. Formulas Inspired by Traditional Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle Regimens

Health and well-being are primary concerns for modern consumers, resulting in an ascendant health food market. Traditional medicines and lifestyle regimens contain many redeeming features, making them a natural source of inspiration for dietary supplement enterprises in the product development stage.

2. Synergisms & Ingredient Interactions

Synergisms between ingredients can be understood on two different levels: (1) Physiological synergisms produced among endogenous nutrition, phytonutrients, basic vitamins and minerals; (2) Nutrition and improved health due to different physiological effects.For instance, synergisms between phytochemicals and vitamins can enhance vitamin absorptivity and bioavailability.

3. Improved Product Function through New Technologies

New technologies here refer to new nutrition transportation and slow release techniques. European and American nutrition companies that have invested heavily in R&D have traditional attached a great deal of importance to the technical contents of their products. Some high-end brands products have achieved pharmaceutical status by enhancing dietary supplement absorptivity.

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4. Portable Design

Dietary supplements should be be conducive to daily intake and fully integrated into everyday diets. For optimal portability and convenience, nutrition companies need to take flavor, daily intake and package design into consideration.

5. Precision Consumer Targeting and Market Positioning

Precision consumer targeting and market positioning are significant to product marketing. Dietary supplements have two primary target groups: the general public and the specific populations. This requires that dietary supplement producers are mindful of niche markets within the general population.

6. Intestinal Health

Surveys have revealed that intestinal health is a top concern of Chinese consumers; 90% of Chinese people have suboptimal intestinal systems, according to the latest research. Thus, probiotic products, which improve intestinal health, have become among the most popular dietary supplements on the market. In order to stay ahead of the curve, supplement producers have invested substantially in intestinal nutrient R&D, indicating that probiotics, and other similar products, will become increasingly prominent in China.

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