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Forum Provides Road Map for Global Health Food and Nutrition Market

2018-11-21 10:07 Wednesday

Duxes hosted the 2nd Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2018 – Health Food and Supplement Special, on November 13-14 in Frankfurt, Germany. The two-day event included testimony from researchers, F&B and pharmaceutical companies, trade associations, and government authorities, on the growing market for health food and nutritional supplements around the world.

the 2nd Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2018

The event opened with presentations addressing the revolutionary paradigm of personalized nutrition, global strategies for enterprises, import & export regulations in the ascendant Chinese market, and the regulatory framework in the E.U., with an emphasis on recent policy developments. The first day concluded with a panel discussion which outlined popular ingredients in health products that offer unique benefits for producers and consumers alike. The final day included content detailing innovative personalized nutrition and related regulatory challenges, the use of proteins to manage weight loss and promote healthy aging, the promising gut microbiome-immune interface for infant nutrition, and effective marketing strategies. The event ended with a wide-ranging panel discussion on the future prospects for health and nutrition products in daily life, which provided significant insights on meeting demand in a modern consumer society.

The 2nd Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2018 equipped professionals from across the functional food industry, with diverse knowledge on nutrition, product development, marketing, and government policies, by pooling ideas and experiences. In the coming years, Duxes hopes to facilitate greater collaboration and innovation within the industry, by delivering timely content from leading figures in health and nutrition. Special acknowledgement is owed to event endorsers AFSA and FiA, whose contributions helped make the forum a resounding success.

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