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Wahaha's Ambitious Marketing Gambit

2018-08-21 16:01 Tuesday

Wahaha recently announced a partnership with Zhongnantainyan, a subsidiary company of one of China's leading cartoon brands Zoland, a force in social media marketing. Through the “fan economy”, Wahaha will utilize consumers as online agents and spokespeople for its brand. Wahaha plans to open 1,000 functional food stores, and use interactive marketing to expand its reach.


As the fifth largest global food & beverage enterprises, and the largest in China, Wahaha is particularly dominant in the beverage sector, with leading brands, including AD high calcium milk, Nutrition Express (a nutritional dairy beverage), and Wahaha mineral water, helping Wahaha achieve over 5 billion RMB of revenue in 2010. However, income began to decrease in 2012, a trend That Wahaha hopes to reverse through its ambitious marketing activities in 2018.

Wahaha will work with Zhongnantainyan to introduce a new fermented milk drink, and will rely on social media marketing to promote the product.

fermented milk drink

Wahaha sales manager Shen Jiangang explained that social media marketing incentivizes consumers to share products online, facilitating consumer loyalty, and in turn, maximizing the reputation and influence of Wahaha's products. In a related development, Wahaha will open 1,000 functional food stores around China, and market its brand through fan groups as a means of reaching new customers.

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