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FSMP in China

2018-11-30 09:19 Friday

Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP), refers to  foods prepared and processed according to a formula to meet the special dietary and nutritional needs of people suffering from metabolic disorders, malabsorption, eating disorders and other specific diseases. Such products must be consumed under the guidance of a physician or clinical dietitian.


Before 2013, there was no system for FSMP in China, and Chinese companies had no national standards to base their products on. In 2013, the National Health and Family Planning Commission enacted two national standards for FSMP.

In November 2017, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) issued a notice stating that from January 1, 2019, FSMP produced or exported to China should obtain a registration certificate and number, and indicate the registration number on the label and in the instruction manual.

FSMP in China can be divided into whole nutrition formula foods, specific whole nutrition formula foods and non-whole nutrition formula foods.

Whole nutrition formula food can be used as a single nutrition source to meet the nutritional needs of target groups, who need comprehensive nutritional supplement and have no special requirements for certain nutrients.

Specific full-nutrition formula food can not only be used as a single nutrition source to meet the needs of certain consumer groups, but can also be adjusted and altered to meet the needs of consumers who suffer from specific diseases.

Non-nutritive formula food is a kind of FSMP that supplements other nutrients, and should not be used as a single source of nutrition, instead eaten with other specialty or common foods.

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