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2018 Five Trends in the Dairy Market

2018-12-05 10:21 Wednesday

At the end of 2017,Innova Market Insights released a report on the top 10 global food and beverage trends in 2018. The report detailed the rapid development of China's dairy market and future trends for dairy products.


According to the report, China's dairy market has performed very well in recent years. In 2017, the number of new dairy products increased by 46% compared with the previous year. Innova also found that Chinese consumers value the health and flavor of dairy products over brand, price and ingredients. Based on the data, Innova concluded that the Chinese dairy market will experience the following trends:

1. Mindful Choices

Consumers are increasingly mindful about purchasing choices, determining whether dairy products meet social ethics and environmental standards. In addition to the product's health function, consumers also care about the product's place of origin,  mode of production, and  contribution to sustainable development.

2. Lighter Enjoyment

Consumers want to enjoy tasty dairy products without any psychological burden or negative health effects. In the past five years, new products with low calories, low cholesterol and low fat have been consistently favored by consumers.

3. Positively Processed

Many dairy companies are beginning to educate consumers about the benefits of their unique food processing capabilities. Danone, for example, claims that its yogurts  use a French formula, and has incorporated the caramelization process in Vietnam.

4. From Snacks to Mini Meals

Snacks are becoming mini-meals. Yogurt with grains, dried fruits, and other ingredients are a prominent example of the mini meal phenomenon. The number of such yogurt products has more than quadrupled since 2013.

5. Diverse Products

A wide range of flavors can facilitate higher  yogurt consumption, a phenomenon that has become evident in China, even resulting in some strange flavors, such as beer and mascarpone cheese.

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