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How to Increase Consumer Appeal through Packaging Design

2019-01-18 09:15 Friday

Adult soft drinks are a huge growth area in the global beverage market, as more consumers opt for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks with adult flavors. Soda startup Somersault has found that it needs a healthier product to appeal to fashion-conscious people who want to drink less and don't want to increase their sugar intake.

adult soft drinks

Somersault has sought to create a brand and packaging design that is distinctive, desirable and memorable, so that cafe and bar owners are happy to display them "like art on a shelf".

Denomination, the design team, has come up with a simple, visually striking design that makes its products stand out on the shelves, worthy of being displayed in public places. Its logo also moves away from the old "natural" and "organic" design ideas, and instead focuses on the high-end craft beverage market to attract those discerning consumers who appreciate fashion and healthy choices.

Denomination has used modern, soft colors to reflect the brand's organic components and health benefits. These designs are also reflected in the bottleneck to further enhance the visibility of the product and adopt a more minimalist design on the main label.

The company's CEO, Rowena Curlewis said: " We have developed a distinctive package design that sets Somersault apart from other brands and assures our customers that they are drinking a high-quality product with good taste and fashionable appearance.”

Neil Barker, Somersault Director, said that a few weeks after its launch, the drink's design played a key role in generating consumer interest without public relations or advertising support. The growth in retail sales for the product has vastly succeeded the company's expectations.

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