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Swiggy Launches Green Packaging Solutions for Restaurants

2019-01-24 10:16 Thursday

Swiggy, a food ordering and delivery platform, announced the launch of "Swiggy Packaging Assist", a restaurant-centric program that delivers environmentally friendly packaging solutions at the right price to suit its culinary needs.

According to a statement from Swiggy, today's packaging materials for food delivery are fraught with challenges such as high costs, limited availability and quality complaints from consumers. Swiggy said the initiative aims to educate more than 40,000 restaurants on its platform about environmentally friendly packaging.

green packaging

Swiggy Marketplace currently lists nearly materials, including breakthrough packaging that is leak-proof, rugged, stackable, environmentally friendly, and heat-resistant.

The packaging products are made of fully recyclable materials such as paper and aluminum, and are purported to have undergone rigorous checks to ensure quality and non-spillage deliveries.

To encourage restaurants to adopt sustainable packaging solutions, Swiggy is working with a number of design consultants and manufacturers to propose innovations and improvements to local packaging quality.

"We have been working with our restaurant partners to understand the challenges they face in choosing packaging solutions. Through 'Swiggy Packaging Assist', we will enable the restaurant to use the most innovative solutions to package tableware," Srivats, the Vice President of marketing at Swiggy said.

Swiggy is also building a field team to provide restaurants with custom solutions and consulting to improve the quality of their packaging and help them achieve higher customer ratings and satisfaction.

The program has been extended to partners in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Swiggy expects to bring in other cities within the next three months.

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