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Five Trends Affecting The Printing Industry

2019-02-25 13:33 Monday

The retail industry has undergone major changes in recent years, many of them related to printing. Keeping up with new trends is necessary to help meet customer needs and, in many cases, to help reduce operating costs. The following trends will drive the future of printing.

Five Trends Affecting The Printing Industry

The Rise of Digital Printing

Today's digital printing technology has greatly improved, providing fast, high-quality designs at reasonable cost. As a result, more and more printing companies are making this shift. Digital printing also allows on-demand printing, where printing companies can meet customers' customized needs. Traditional printing will become less valuable in the future, so companies must catch up with the digital trend.

Customized Demand

When the customization requirement first appeared, many thought it would not last long. But the reality is that more and more customers are seeking to design their own packaging, prompting printing companies to develop technology to meet this need. With the increasing popularity of digital printing technology, faster and higher quality printing will become the norm and allow customers to achieve advanced customization.

Printing Inside the Box

Printing inside the box is likely to be one of the hottest trends of 2019. Many companies have started offering this feature because it enhances branding and the unboxing experience. This printing strategy not only makes you look more professional and personalized, but it also reduces theft.

Sustainable Development

Modern environmental issues have changed consumer focus, and the printing industry has noticed. A number of printing companies are also promoting sustainability, taking advantage of in-box printing to eliminate the need for packaging receipts, thereby showing customers their environmental awareness and willingness to help them make changes.

Pay-as-You-Go Printing Model

Traditionally, consumers have received a monthly invoice after sending a print job. The invoice lists the description of each job, the cost, and the payment terms that require the consumer to pay within a few weeks. Due to the market demand, this payment mode is being replaced by pay-as-you-go mode, which provides customers with more flexibility. This payment model is a huge advantage for printing companies because it will help customers manage their costs and thus reduce cash flow problems.

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