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The Functional Food Market Staged "A Good Show": Athletes Also Use Health Care Products?

2018-09-05 09:31 Wednesday

Due to increasing per capita disposable income, and an aging population, healthcare expenditures in the Asia Pacific region are expected to double by 2050, creating the conditions for a promising functional food market.

Asia Pacific Region is the largest consumer market for dietary supplement and vitamins. Demand for healthcare foods in Asia Pacific countries, notably in emerging markets such as Malaysia and India, is ascendant

dietary supplement market

The content of health food can vary by region, but certain properties including probiotics, fibers, vitamin E, and Omega-3, are ubiquitous.

Functional Properties

Functional properties in beverages are refreshing to consume, improve hydration, reduce calorie burning, making them attractive to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

functional properties

Minerals and herbal properties in functional beverages have been shown to to lower chronic disease risks and control glucose levels.

Amino acids in functional beverages relieve fatigue, vitamins promote metabolism and increase energy, and probiotics safeguard the digestive system

Because they counteract  inflammation, have enticing flavors, and are reasonably priced, beverages containing Omega-3 are a hot trend in the functional beverage market



To deal with mineral and vitamin deficiencies, doctors in Thailand often prescribe supplements, whereas in Japan a regimen of increased probiotics yogurt and functional beverage consumption is generally followed.

Technological Advances

Thanks to technological advances, a wide range of nutritional properties such as probiotics, minerals, cellulose, proteins, omega-3, structured lipids and amino acids, have been added to food products.

Omega-3 and Probiotics

Due to the increased demand for Omega-3  in China, Southeast Asia and across the developing world, the projected market value of health care product raw materials has reached a staggering 1.5 billion USD.


The IPA also stated that the projected value of the probiotics market exceeds 43 billion USD, in the wake of unprecedented growth in recent years.

Aging Population

Over 60% of global elderly population lives in Asia, and the elderly population of Asia is expected to double to 1.3 billion by 2050, a development that will stimulate demand for healthcare products.

In the near future, concerns about the joint, intestinal, and bone health, will spur further growth in the demand for health products.

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