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How to Accelerate the Transformation of Urban Recycling Economy

2019-03-14 09:56 Thursday

The process of embedding the principles of the circular economy in cities has been seeking support as the best way to improve sustainability and resilience without compromising economic growth, wealth and well-being.

Transformation of Urban Recycling Economy

Although the transformation of the circular economy has indeed occurred in the past few years, it requires fundamental changes in infrastructure, logistics, social behavior patterns, business models and spatial organization.

What do we need to do?

1. Consider Material Flow and Value Retention

In a world of limited resources, cities must begin to think and design circular services and systems. Their goal should be to promote renewable resources (bio-based materials, renewable energy) and to keep the materials in circulation for as long as possible.

Cities must reassess the flow of existing goods. The ingenuity lies in ensuring that all the materials and materials in the circular economy are mastered and maintained in high quality.

2. Different Stakeholders Participate in the Recycling Economy

The material cycle of a city is not only dense and complex, but also involves multiple stakeholders, such as citizens, industries, retailers, farmers and governments. The process of closing the material cycle requires close cooperation because each stakeholder is dependent on the other in the process.

City governments can implement sharing and leasing policies, provide a framework for improving collection and classification capabilities, and so on.

3. Provide Leadership and Creativity

Cities must embed recycling in their policies and strategies, prioritizing reduction over just recycling, recycling up over down, and reusing over discarding waste. By consulting and working with others, city governments can more effectively overcome challenges and solve many environmental, social and economic problems. Moreover, following the principle of circular economy can provide a framework for encouraging local entrepreneurship and innovation.

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