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Collagen Is the New Favorite of Functional Food

2019-03-27 13:55 Wednesday

At Natural Products Expo held on March 5-6, collagen health foods were highly recommended. Collagen, which is associated with skin and joint health, is one of the ingredients driving the growth of functional foods and drinks.


Sales of functional foods and beverages rose 7.5% last year to $68 billion, according to Carlotta Mast, a senior vice President at New Hope Network. "This is driven in large part by the 'food as medicine' trend, as consumers choose foods and beverages that offer real health benefits and functions."

Collagen is already popular in supplements and sports nutrition products and is now available in packaged snacks and easy to carry.

At Natural Products Expo, from Illinois Vital Proteins exhibited the company independent research and development of Collagen Water. The product is made from fruit juice and contains 10 grams of collagen per serving, which supports healthy hair, skin, bones and joints.

Collagen Protein Oat Cups from Colorado mix the collagen with organic oats, coconut sugar, coconut oil and quinoa. Each cup contains 11 grams of collagen protein.

A Los Angeles company called "This Bar Saves Lives" has entered into the field of functional food for the first time and introduced Collagen Bites. The product is made from grass-fed collagen and ingredients such as turmeric, matcha, spirulina and rose water.

Medlie from California has collagen in several new products, including Glow Veggie Shot, which mixes cucumber, lemon and celery with 4 grams of collagen. Medlie also offers Veggie Mashes, two flavors of which-- Avocado Greens and Tomato Tahini -- contain collagen protein.

"When we think about how much protein consumers are looking for, collagen is one of the cleanest, most dietable products," Jen Berliner, the company's chief executive, told Food Business News.

After observing the trend on social media, Medlie started adding collagen to its potable soups.

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