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"Green Storm" in the Express Industry

2019-04-04 09:21 Thursday

In 2017, China's express packages have reached 40.1 billion, up 28% year-on-year, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years. At that rate, more than 8 million tons of solid waste are produced in a year. According to the relevant data, the number of express packages in China is still growing by about 10 billion every year.

Express delivery generates more and more packaging waste, but less is recycled.

The overall recycling rate of packaging waste in China is less than 20%, with less than 50 % of cartons recycled, while the recycling rate of plastic ingredients such as fillers and tape is almost zero.

Express Industry

In order to improve this situation, the State Post Bureau proposed that the express packaging should be green, reducing and recycling.

­ By 2020, the proportion of packaging materials that meet the national standards should be over 90%, and the proportion of environmentally friendly packaging materials should be greatly increased, especially environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags and packaging tapes.

­ The target in the next three years is that all express companies use electronic waybills and reduce the use of single-piece packaging tape and filler. Among them, the usage of packaging tape should be reduced by 20%, and more than 80% of e-commerce express packages will not be re-packaged.

­ By 2020, all express packages will use circulating transfer bags. More than 90% of urban branches of express companies should be equipped with packaging waste recycling devices.

Apart from the government, major logistics companies have also gradually realized the importance of environmental protection and launched green logistics programs.

Cainiao first launched the "Carton Recycling Plan", in more than 100 colleges and universities from Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and other 10 cities, to carry out waste carton recycling activities.

Suning is expected to release 100,000 shared express boxes in Beijing by the end of this year, saving at least 7 million cartons a year.

Zto upgraded the express packaging bags and used new packaging bags to replace the disposable woven bags. The utilization rate of electronic waybill exceeded 94%, and all 68 sets of automatic sorting lines in China used recycled canvas bags.

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