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How Can Green Packages Contribut to the Global Environment?

2019-04-15 10:08 Monday

Thanks to modern technology and online shopping! With just a few clicks, you can buy the clothes you need without leaving your comfortable home. Online shopping is convenient and becoming the norm.

In 2017, online market sales grew 15.7% year-on-year. In-store sales, on the other hand, rose just 2.4%. If you can get something this quickly, perhaps the only question left to ask is what effect it will have on the environment. And the green movement will tell you that the need for express delivery will only increase carbon emissions.

Green Packages Contribut to the Global Environment

"Transport is the main source of carbon emissions," said Muna Suleiman, a member of Friends of the Earth. "The delivery companies of these packages are an important part of the increase in carbon emissions."

The group acknowledged that some delivery companies that choose to use green transportation such as electric vans and cargo bikes have made some progress in being green. However, the group said "it was better for all companies to adopt these green delivery systems and make it the new norm".

Royal Mail is one of the industry's leading organizations, serving about 1.8 million packages a year. They do this in a variety of ways, including bicycles, gasoline-powered vehicles and walking. The company has expressed a strong desire to help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This week, they will use eight electric trikes in their delivery service.

David Gold, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Royal Mail, said: "this is part of a trial that will last six months. The batteries used in these electric trikes are supplemented by solar panels attached to the roof." He added that each trike is powered by a regenerative brake system, which also helps the trikes move around without increasing carbon emissions.

Royal Mail already has about 100 electric vehicles and plans to expand. "We have the largest green fleet and we are looking for more ways to get rid of petrol cars completely," Gold added.

Although the air pollution problem is not caused by the express industry alone, it has to be admitted that the express package is indeed one of the reasons for the increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Since abandoning shopping online is impossible, governments around the world should consider implementing environmental guidelines when using various forms of express delivery.

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