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5 Trends in the Health Food Market

2019-04-15 17:51 Monday

The health and wellness food industry is experiencing growth above and beyond ordinary foods, driven by a shift in consumer preferences toward more natural and functional products. This article will focus on five trends in the health food industry in the future.

5 Trends in the Health Food Market

Healthy appetites and fashion are driving a surge in sales of "additive free" foods

The "additive free" category has been most active in the health and wellness industry over the past few years as consumers eat plant-based products while cutting back on dairy and gluten. As more manufacturers enter this market and innovate to attract consumers, new product development accelerates the growth of such products.

People who seek safe and natural foods favor organic foods

The popularity of organic food has surged in recent years as consumers increasingly buy products considered fresher, more natural and more sustainable. Organic food has penetrated into households in North America and Western Europe and continues to grow in sales, driving the production of all types of organic products.

Functional foods are booming in emerging markets

Functional foods, which provide a function through artificial fortification, are losing their appeal in the western world because they are considered artificial. However, emerging markets offer a huge opportunity for these products to minimise the nutrition gap. The current value of these products continues to grow steadily as consumers are willing to buy them to solve health problems.

Energy-boosting foods are part of the overall diet

Energy is a key factor in contemporary health and healthy lifestyles. Consumers are adopting a more holistic approach to healthy eating. Energy bars are key winners in this trend. Natural energy from plant-based proteins, such as nuts or peas, may continue to flourish as consumers look for natural snacks.

Healthy food is a more targeted subscription meal

In fact, health-focused takeaways like Sun Basket in the U.S. and Mindful Chef in the U.K. are on the rise. The result of this trend is a growing number of food innovations that are targeting consumers with a preference for organic, dairy/gluten-free, or unrefined carbohydrates, showing significant growth opportunities.

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