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Linda McCartney's New Vegan Sausage Made from Pea Protein

2019-04-26 09:08 Friday

Vegetarian brand Linda McCartney has introduced a new vegan sausage made from pea protein. According to the brand, the gluten-free sausage tastes like sage and onions.

New Vegan Sausage Made from Pea Protein

Vegetarian Food Is Popular

A spokesman told the publication: "2019 is considered to be the year when meat-free really goes mainstream, and now is the best time to cut back on meat consumption and stock up on tasty meat-free alternatives."

Linda McCartney's vegan sausage in Lincolnshire cooks quickly in less than 15 minutes after freezing.

About 30 years ago, Linda McCartney paved the way for today's vegetarian movement. As an original meat-free pioneer, she inspired a generation, and her story continues to spread today, with vegetarian and vegan diets becoming the norm.

The company claims that 2019 will be the year when meatless diets go mainstream, which backed up by market research reports that show a surge in the number of people opting for vegetarian and vegan diets.

According to supermarket giant Sainsbury's, a staggering 91% of the British are on a flexitarian diet, leading to a 65% year-on-year rise in plant-based food sales.

Development of Vegetarian Market

A report released by market research firm Mintel at the end of 2018 said: "In the six months to July 2018, 56% of UK adults were vegetarian/meatless, up from 50% in the six months to March 2017."

Alyson Parkes, a research analyst at Mintel, said events in the food service sector and a massive advertising campaign in 2018 have helped raise publicity and cognition among consumers of these products, as well as energizing them, and have helped raise popularity of meat-free products and plant-based diets.

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