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Consumers Continue to Buy Protein as Part of a Healthy Diet

2019-04-29 09:15 Monday

Consumers say adding animal protein to their diets is healthy and sustainable for the planet, according to a new study from Cargill.

animal protein

This study shows that people not only think animal protein is a rich source of an important nutrient, but they are willing to join animal foods to achieve their nutritional goals.

Ninety-three percent said meat, fish and eggs can be part of a healthy diet. More than 66% of consumers plan to maintain or increase their consumption of animal protein over the next year.

Chuck Warta, Cargill's President of Premix & Nutrition, said: "we are pleased that consumers see animal protein as an important part of a healthy diet. Dietary guidelines always emphasize the benefits of getting adequate protein from multiple sources."

However, most people do not rule out other sources of protein. 80% of consumers are interested in plant proteins and other alternative proteins.

According to a Cargill survey, about a third of consumers would consider adding plant-based foods to their diet to help them reach their health goals. In addition, a strong interest in plant-based foods helps explain the current sales boom in the industry.

93% of respondents from the United States, Brazil, the Netherlands and Vietnam they would prefer a sustainable lifestyle. 84% of respondents said sustainability affects what's in their shopping carts.

There is also a strong belief that animal protein meets their dietary needs and is environmentally sustainable. Eighty percent said animal protein could be part of an environmentally responsible diet.

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