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Xeikon Develops A New Digital Printing Solution

2019-05-07 08:58 Tuesday

The Xeikon announced that it has developed a new digital printing solution for punches. This innovation was developed for the consumer market - the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Digital Printing

"This is a prime example of what we call 'customer-driven innovation'," says Filip Weymans, Xeikon's Vice-President of Marketing. "By focusing on this application, we support customer needs and respond to current consumer preferences. With our technical expertise, Xeikon is at the forefront of the echelon of companies offering innovative digital processes."

Punches are essentially laminated bags made of multi-layer materials, which require many different steps in the production process. Xeikon is helping to streamline the entire process to provide a quick turnaround solution. By first digitally printing text and graphics on the thermal laminate, the outer layers of punches are created and prepared for the next step. In the punches-making process, different layers are pressed together with a series of barrier for protection.

Xeikon's digital printing solution offers the lowest possible complexity and broadest possible stack structure.

The punch can also be sustainable: it has a so-called "product-to-package" ratio of 35:1, which basically means it can carry 35 times its own weight, reducing the energy cost of production and transportation.

Digital printing using Xeikon dry toner technology has many advantages. These are not only the highest printing quality, but also reduces costs. Importantly, printers can print variable data information in both single and full colour.

Weymans says: "with our broad portfolio of technologies, we are well positioned to respond to current market trends and develop any solutions we need. Through the aXelerate project, our professional team provides direct and personalized training and support to our clients, and delivers the best products and services."

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