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5 Packaging Tips for Food Manufacturers

2019-06-18 14:16 Tuesday

E-commerce is a brand-new game. To succeed in this new world, makers of baked goods and snack foods need to consider a different approach than standard retail packaging.

Online sales of physical goods reached $504.6 billion in 2018 and are expected to exceed $735 billion in 2023, according to Statista DMO. Compared with traditional retail, products sold online carry more risk of damage. A product on a traditional retail shelf may be handled a dozen times, but a product in an e-commerce channel may be handled 20 to 30 times.

According to PMMI's e-commerce report, manufacturers should focus on five key areas: Meet customer expectations; Reduce primary packing by size and weight; Protect products by strapping or wrapping; Moderate secondary packaging and big data optimization.


Meet Customer Expectations

Unboxing experiences can create brand loyalty and repeat customers. Think of personalization, unique design, or feature enhancements in the box. For example, use augmented reality to deliver personalized messages, recipes, or simple thank-you notes to consumers.

Reduce Primary Packing by Size and Weight

For supermarkets, larger products may need to be shrunk to smaller sizes and portions for more affordable distribution costs. Meal boxes and prepared meals may drive demand for smaller branded meals. Glass may need to be replaced by plastic, and rigidity by flexibility.

Protect Products by Strapping or Wrapping

E-commerce packaging's ability to protect products from breakage, leakage and damage is critical. There is a growing need for personal product protection.

Moderate Secondary Packaging

Select the appropriate carton to fit the product in transit. Avoid the need to fill the space and increase the packaging waste recycling bins. Consumers who want environmentally friendly packaging are now more willing to recycle. The use of varnish or paint requires consideration of the weather.

Big Data Optimization

Companies are already trying to get big data; So will e-commerce. Traceability of packaging from start to finish becomes very important. For e-commerce, data can help organizations and efficiency achieve internal or third-party warehouses.

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