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Danone a Finalist for the 2018 Nutrition and Functional Food Awards

2018-10-12 10:29 Friday

Danone, a Leading Global Health Food Company


With "Bringing Health through Food to as Many People as Possible" as its corporate mission, Danone is a leading global food & beverage company built on four product functions: fresh dairy products, drinking water and beverages, early life nutrition, and medical nutrition. Danone is committed to creating a healthier future for all its stakeholders, including 100,000 employees, consumers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which all of Danone's businesses operate.

Danone operates in more than 130 markets, with sales of more than 21.9 billion euros in 2016, of which more than 50% came from emerging markets. Well-known brands owned by Danone include Activia, Nutrilon, Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Nutricia, Mizone, Evian, Volvic, Aqua and Bonafont.

Danone's Extraordinary Growth in China

Danone first entered the Chinese market in the late 1980s, and has continually expanded its business over the past thirty years, to the point that China is now Danone's fourth largest market. Danone currently has fifteen factories and nearly 10,000 employees across China.

Each of Danone's four core businesses (fresh dairy products, drinking water and beverages, early life nutrition, medical nutrition) has achieved substantial success in the Chinese market.

Danone has always stressed social progress as an essential component of its business philosophy. In conjunction with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Shenzhen Mangrove Wetland Conservation Foundation (MCF), Danone launched "Vigor Dongjiang - Water Conservation Projects", an ecological initiative to protect water resources in the Dongjiang River basin. In addition, Danone has participated in the establishment of the Danone Chinese Microfinance Fund, the promotion of the Nutrition Packet Project and the establishment of the "Danone Institute for Nutrition & Health" to raise public awareness of the relationship between nutrition and health.

Danone's R&D Prowess has Facilitated Important Innovation


Mizone, a New Zealand brand, has been a pioneer in the vitamin beverage sector. Since entering the Chinese market in 2003, Mizone has rapidly gained popularity among consumers due to its light natural fruit flavor and rich vitamin content. Mizone's vitamin combinations supplement important daily nutritional requirements, and the slightly sour taste in many of its products has been lauded as fresh and refreshing.


Mizone launched a new products in March 2018-Mizone cactus green orange flavor,  a creative mix-and-match of flavors that provides a model for a new genre of beverages in China.


TFYT is the first exotic fruit tea beverage launched by Danone Group in China, which will officially hit the market in 2018. The beverage will come in two flavors: "South African Rooibos:Berry-flavored Black Tea " and "South American Yerbe Matte:Rose & Grapefruit flavor Green Tea".


Distinct from traditional Chinese tea drinks, TFYT will introduce prominent teas from around the world (South African rooibos tea, South American Yerbe Matte) to Chinese consumers, and adds mixed fruit flavors. The product comes in fashionable packaging, and due to its brand reputation as well as novel flavors, has developed a following among young consumers.


Danone launched a Lemonade compound fruit drink for the Chinese market in 2017, which includes passionfruit and lemon flavors.


The product contains  fresh squeezed lemon juice from Argentina, which is transported to China by cold chain. The taste is  refreshing and  slightly acidic, a combination that has been highly praised by consumers. Its brand proposition

To recognize significant innovation and development in the functional food industry, Duxes will host the 2018 Nutrition and Functional Food Award Ceremony on December 13th at the Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town, China.

the 2018 Nutrition and Functional Food Award Ceremony

Danone's products have been nominated for multiple awards: Best-selling Functional Products Award, Most Popular Flavor Award, The Innovation Award of Products Form.

The ceremony is part of the 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018 on December 13-14, a two-day gathering of professionals from food and nutritional supplement companies, as well as policymakers and researchers, to discuss the latest advances in nutrition, latest supervisory regulations in China, the effects of cross-border e-commerce on the market, emerging product categories, consumer preferences, and other important topics. Notably, the summit will feature concurrent forums on December 14th, addressing healthy aging and sports nutrition, as well as an awards ceremony on the evening of December 13th that will recognize leading enterprises in the industry.

The summit will continue event organizer Duxes' nearly decade-long engagement and collaboration with the functional food industry. Duxes has organized functional food conferences in China, Singapore, and Europe, which have been acclaimed for their timely coverage and interactive format.

the 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018


1. Official interpretation of health food regulations and import & export issues in China

2. Detailed breakdown of industry data and market trends essential for product development, in particular healthy aging and sports nutrition

3. Exploration of popular functional ingredients, such as sugar substitutes, which satisfy consumer health and nutrition demands

4. Discussion of sales and marketing channels, with an emphasis the use of cross-border e-commerce by overseas functional food brands

5. Insight on the enormous market potential of functional foods in an aging society, and the pursuit of "healthy aging" through functional foods consumption

6. Testimony on successful products and distribution & retail channels for the mobile/ internet era

7. Opportunity to identify potential partners and gain a foothold in the Chinese market

For more details on the conference, please scan the QR code below:

conference QR code

Join the Premier Gathering for the Functional Food Industry

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