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Ultimate Refreshment: Theland 4.0 Pure Milk wins 'Most Impactful Brand of the Year' Award

2019-10-31 11:07 Thursday

At the China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in November 2018, the starting appearance of fresh New Zealand milk caused a heated discussion among exhibitors and consumers. In 2019, Theland won the Most Impactful Brand of the Year award organized by Duxes for its 4.0 Protein Pure Milk, which has brought attention once more to this New Zealand dairy company.


1.Theland, the Epitome of High-end Dairy Quality in New Zealand

Milk New Zealand Dairy Ltd is a famous dairy company that is well known for its international brand Theland. Theland Farm Group, meanwhile, brings together 29 self-operated farms in New Zealand. It is derived from two core dairy regions on the North and South Islands of New Zealand, Waikato and Canterbury, covering an area of 12,000 ha, making it the largest self-operated farm brand in New Zealand.

(1)The More Natural, the Better

As the saying goes, "Above, there is heaven; below, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." To enjoy the grand scenery of Jiangnan, Suzhou and Hangzhou is to experience something more beautiful than most places; but if you want to explore the "Paradise of Cows", you may find that 100% authentic New Zealand is the right place. Theland's farms can be traced back to Ruku Farm in the early 19th century, which is located at 175.27 degrees east longitude and 37.83 degrees north latitude. From lush forests to vast pastures, from Lake Taupo to the Waikato River, this is where New Zealand dairy originated. Taking forests as their home and snow-capped mountains as neighbors, everywhere you look is full of surprises; every breath you take is alive with freshness. The place is a wonderful vision where cows and sheep live in harmony with heaven and earth. It has fertile black soil, a mild and humid climate, pure water and grass nourished by the essence of the clouds and the soil, and it is where the high quality of Theland 4.0 Pure Milk is created.

The food for cows in New Zealand - namely, grass - is mostly three-leafed clover. There is a legend that only one four-leaf clover exists among 100,000, but in Theland, it is not difficult to find lots. Thus it is named the "four-leaf grass farm". In fact, rare four-leaf clover has become the daily nourishment of the free-range cows. The pure air, where nitrogen is fixed into protein by grass, is why the dairy cows fed there are better and the milk quality is more reliable. In addition, Theland Farm insists on A cow per Acre, and each cow has two months of holiday per year. The good care towards its cows also reflects Theland's determination to bring high-quality goods to the whole country.

(2)Breaking Through Standards, Refreshing the New Height of Nutrition

According to National Food Safety Standard GB19301-2010, the protein content of every 100 grams of milk must not be less than 2.8 grams. With the unique advantages of grass farming, natural grazing and natural milk production, Theland Farm has been able to produce its 4.0 Protein Pure Milk, which has a protein content that is more than 42% higher than the national standard. The product has broken through the long-standing milk nutrient protein level hovering at 2.8 to 3.6 grams per 100 milliliters, ushering in the start of the Theland Dairy 4.0 era.

At the same time, Theland 4.0 Pure Milk has received supply chain verification from the New Zealand government's food safety regulator, AsureQuality. It has determined that the milk's protein, somatic cells and other core dairy quality indicators exceed the country's national standards. The milk produced by Theland Farm has no added flavoring, pigments, preservatives or prolactin. The whole production process can be traced and is quality-controlled. It is regarded as the "Michelin star"-class of fresh milk.

2.Shining at CIIE, Continuing the Legend of Theland

According to customs statistics, from January to December 2018 China imported 673,293 tons of pre-packaged milk, of which 232,994 tons were from New Zealand. Theland imports 83,760 tons, accounting for 36% of total dairy imports from New Zealand. This means that 1-in-3 cartons of UHT milk in China are from Theland, further confirming Theland 4.0 Pure Milk as a benchmark brand.

In addition, Theland is not only a record-breaking pioneer of imported milk onto Chinese tables but also a direct beneficiary of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE). Since attending the first CIIE, the monthly sales volume of Theland 4.0 Pure Milk in the Tmall flagship store has increased by 36 times, and the sales volume of Theland fresh milk has exceeded 1 million bottles. During the 2019 period of China's annual "618" shopping festival, some 250,000 boxes were snapped up in just two hours, and even set off a "4.0 cyclone" on the market, where it quickly went out-of-stock! Since entering the Chinese market over four years ago, Theland's annual compound growth rate in imported dairy products is as high as 246%.

Theland is continuously introducing new, high-quality products with national characteristics and geographical advantages in the pursuit of better specifications, outstanding nutrition and stricter standards. In order to allow more families to enjoy their high-protein milk, Theland is also bringing its popular product, Theland 4.0 Pure Milk, to the second CIIE, where we expect it will show us even more surprises.

3.Theland's Brand Story: How to Make the Impossible Possible?

In the future, Theland will continue to produce its 4.0 Pure Milk, which has contributed toward a new level of global nutrition, as well as refreshed the brand's national characteristics and geographical advantages, to create a miracle in the dairy supply chain.

The following is Theland's brand story as seen from the perspective of its star product, Theland Fresh Milk.

How long does it take for a glass of fresh milk to complete its journey from a New Zealand farm to a Chinese table? Theland has proved it is possible in less than 72 hours.

As is well known, fresh milk has extremely strict requirements for its storage conditions. In the past, the inspection and quarantine of imported dairy products to China needed at least seven to eight days. Following a series of complicated processes such as customs clearance, air transport and storage, imported dairy products are faced with a more serious challenge: their shelf life is less than half of this time.

This not only affects the consumer's shopping experience and taste, but also makes high-quality and safe imported dairy products lose their core competitiveness. Therefore, for those foreign dairy companies that want to enter the Chinese market and seize the minds of consumers, how to bring the fresh milk onto Chinese tables at very limited time is the key challenge.

However, the situation has been transformed thanks to Theland. At the end of 2017, Shanghai Customs and Changning District Government reached an agreement on a new model called "Separation of inspection and release, quick inspection and release", which has enabled enterprises to achieve "zero waiting" times as quickly as possible. As the first batch of trade facilitation pilot enterprises, Theland grabbed the golden opportunity to take advantage of the dividend policy to realize the arrival of fresh New Zealand milk in China within just three days.

A bottle of fresh milk flying halfway across the world essentially transcends the numerous tests of the business environment. On October 23, the World Bank released its 2020 Doing Business Report, indicating that China's business environment ranked 31st among 190 economies in the world with 77.9 points. It also showed the country is on an obvious upward trend compared to last year's 46th place. At the same time, New Zealand has occupied the No.1 position in the report for several years. Therefore, owing to the good business environment between China and New Zealand, Theland has always stood on the high ground to surpass its rivals. Why is Theland so successful? Maybe you can find the answer from three of its methods.

Firstly, the company has linked China to global resources. Through its control of the upstream commodity supply chain, professional optimization and intensive direct purchasing approach, Theland has provided a steady flow of high-quality and affordable products with national characteristics and geographical advantages, which help improve the efficiency of the commodity supply chain.

Secondly, Theland works with a transoceanic network of supermarkets. Through its reconstruction of the retailer-supplier relationship, and leveraging of brand power supported by its own products and channels, Theland has been able to build a retail platform based on an "in-house commodity supply chain" and improve efficiency.

Finally, Theland makes use of digital branding opportunities from farm to table. Through the integration of offline experiences and online service, Theland's business model not only provides consumers with a digital user experiences, but has also achieved increased consumption and brand loyalty on its retail platforms.

Let us hope that Theland will bring more abundant and healthier global goods to all Chinese consumers.

With our global resources, we can share the future!

The upcoming 6th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit will gather distinguished experts as well as industry leaders to provide thorough analysis of the latest regulatory dynamics and industry integration. Participants will learn about regulations and policies, market status, opportunities and consumer trends, as well as safety control from raw materials through to end products. Further topics will include farm management and animal health issues. At the same time, participants also have access to learn and share the latest developments on technologies in the dairy industry.

To meet the ongoing demand for the latest information on this booming industry, and improve the overall quality of market development, Duxes will host the DairyAP (6th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit) and Industry Awards Ceremony this November in Singapore. The mission of the awards is to recognize the outstanding contributions of enterprises toward the growth and innovation of the dairy industry. In order to ensure fairness and transparency, the awards' jury will consist of a group of experts, media representatives and observers. On November 21st, the official ceremony will involve the active participation of forward-looking media and industry leaders to expand brand awareness and the reputation of award-winning enterprises, and to promote dairy industry development.

Duxes has been deeply involved in organizing the annual dairy summit for six years and has successfully built multiple dairy industry exchange platforms for the Chinese, Asia-Pacific and European markets. During this time, Duxes has been looking for industry role-models who have made standout contributions to the growth and innovation of the dairy industry. Furthermore, Duxes has been creating ongoing opportunities to build convenient platforms for professionals involved in the dairy industry to communicate and discuss the latest ideas. With the support and trust of its participants, Duxes is honored to join hands with many leading companies to participate in and witness the whole process of recovery and prosperity in the dairy industry. We sincerelyappreciate, and look forward to each year in the future, together with our partners!

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