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DuPont Launches Ingredient Solutions for Plant-Based Innovation

2019-12-13 16:17 Friday

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has built a new plant-based solutions portfolio to help food producers meet growing demand for healthier, more sustainable foods and beverages that are meat and dairy-free.


The global sales growth forecast for the plant-based sector is huge. As more consumers choose a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan diet, Euromonitor estimated the total market value at $23 billion with a growth rate close to 9%.

Among millennials, the desire for healthy and sustainable food solutions is also moving the market beyond plant-based alternatives that mimic meat or dairy. The rise of fermented products is a prime example of that. Through the fermentation of numerous vegetable bases, manufacturers can create new tastes and textures.

“Using our plant-based solutions, food manufacturers can redefine existing products or create entirely new categories that give consumers a wider range of choices,” said Sonia Huppert, global marketing leader for plant-based health at DuPont. “If the plant-based movement is to have a long-term impact on health and sustainability, we need to provide more options so consumers can quickly identify their personal preferences and speed up change in their purchasing habits.”

The DuPont plant-based solutions comprise a portfolio of plant proteins, cultures, probiotics, enzymes and stabilizing solutions that deliver all-round nutritional and functional benefits.

“We all talk about the need to secure the global food supply for the future,” said Huppert. “With our solutions, food companies can produce delicious and safe foods that are good for health and the planet today. The focus is on making even better use of resources, improving access to nutrition and exciting consumer taste buds.”

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