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5 organizations in US unite to form national personalized nutrition association

2020-01-13 16:41 Monday

Healthy eating advocates in the United States have announced the latest initiative between five leading nutrition organizations to form the newly-established American Nutrition Association (ANA).

ANA is described as a "non-profit professional association for the science and practice of personalized nutrition", according to the organizer's official press release, and reflects the growing interest in personalized nutrition at a global level, not just in the U.S. and Europe, but also in China, Southeast Asia and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.


The association was formed out of an alliance between the American Nutrition Association Foundation, American College of Nutrition, Accreditation Council for Nutrition Professional Education, Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists and Center for Nutrition Advocacy.

The statement points out that more than half of citizens in the States suffer from chronic disease, and it cites poor nutrition as a frontline factor. Meanwhile, personalized nutrition is described as a way to drive nutrition strategies that "optimize health and treat, prevent and manage diseases."

Michael Stroka, the new CEO of ANA, said the startup organization will focus on what has been described as a public health crisis. In the statement, he said: "There's a profound nutrition gap… relative to its power, we vastly underutilize nutrition in our health system and culture."

"A key reason is that more health professionals are untrained in nutrition science and practices. As a unified professional association, the American Nutrition Association addresses the chronic disease crisis by equipping health professionals with the science and practice of personalized nutrition," he continued.

"How do you close that nutrition gap? We dug into that question and that's how we came up with this organization… There's an absolute crisis of chronic disease and obesity in our country and nutrition is the No. 1 factor driving that crisis."

Science shows us that nutrition is, by its very nature, also the strongest lever that can reverse the crisis. And yet, if you look around at our healthcare system and our health care culture, nutrition's still very much on the periphery."

Corinne Bush, Board Director of the ANA, added: "Our group of forward-thinking nutritionists, health professionals, and thought-leaders realised that a comprehensive solution was required... So our organizations made a historic decision to unite. As one unified voice, we've got a powerful platform to educate, certify, advocate and connect, to champion personalized nutrition. What especially excites me is that we're deeply steeped in science, not tied to a specific ideology."

Jeffrey Blumberg, ANA Board Chair, remarked: "Personalized nutrition interventions hold the potential to have a profound impact… Now, we have a deep body of science underscoring the impact of nutrition as the most powerful and modifiable determinant of our health. Genetics represents only a very small portion of the risk for chronic disease, while the overwhelming majority of the risk comes from modifiable actions we take everyday."

"With the science that is coming online, the tools that are coming on-line, we are able to now start to really get detailed and that means we can turn nutrition into actual healthcare interventions for individuals. As that sea change makes its way through the health care system, into the health care culture and into popular culture itself, that is where we'll start to really see this ship turning around and nutrition will not be something outside of the health care system," Stroka concluded.

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