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US personalized nutrition firm gets FDA approval for at-home blood test device

2020-02-21 16:59 Friday

Leading US personalized nutrition company Baze recently announced that it has received approval from the FDA for its DIY blood testing kit that customers can order and use at home to measure their own nutrient levels.

As part of the announcement, Allison Baker, VP of new business development said: "We're excited by the FDA approval because it allows this device to be used at home for testing to assess nutrient status. It is a very consumer-centric way for whole blood testing."


The approval could open the gates for other similar devices in the personalized nutrition market which is fast gaining ground in the States, along with other countries in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

As part of the consumer process, Baze analyzes the test results sent from the kit and uses that information to provide its range of personalized nutrition plans and supplement subscriptions specifically tailored for the individual customers' deficiencies and requirements.

At present, the company uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the blood test results and then calculate a specific "dose" for supplements that the company says will help to optimize customers' blood nutrient levels during the course of a multi-month plan.

Baze has patented its own so-called Nutrition Information System, which it describes as a proprietary analytics platform. It correlates the customer's nutrient levels against authoritative research to determine their ideal supplement regimen.

The company says its plan can eliminate 73 percent of nutrient deficiencies in just 3 months. That is based on unpublished data the firm derived from baseline and 3-month testing results from its own consumers.

Baze's monthly subscription program offers such supplements as choline, for brain health and nervous system support; magnesium, for better sleep, healthy nerves, and digestion support; and Vitamin D for cognitive function, fertility and libido.

Baze was first developed in Germany over a period of 5 years. It launched in the States in 2018, and the following year raised U.S.$ 6 million in Series A funding led by Nature's Way, a major domestic supplement company.

Baker described Baze's DIY offering as a convenient, reliable and virtually pain-free way to carry out the whole blood testing process. The provided device uses an array of super-fine needles to pierce skin and supply a sufficient flow of blood through negative pressure in the device itself.

After collecting the sample, all the user has to do is close the case and the process is complete. Baker said the FDA approval is a key turning point but not the end goal for the firm. At the moment, Baze tests fort the levels of 8 separate nutrients.

"We're looking to expand our panel over time," she remarked. "It is a really strong vote of confidence from the Authority that we have hit this regulatory milestone."

The personalized nutrition sector is undergoing increased consolidation in terms of supplements. For example, in late 2019, Nestle Health Science acquired the personalized vitamin subscription service Persona. Before that, Dutch multinational DSM acquired personalized nutrition company Sciona, and has more recently either invested in or partnered with Wellmetrix, MixFit and Panaceutics, which all offer their own form of personalized nutrition products.

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