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Dietary Supplements Market in Italy

2018-08-21 15:13 Tuesday

The latest research reveals that Italians spent in excess of 3 billion Euro on over 70,000 categories of functional food in 2017. Scientists noted that most consumers have no idea how to consume dietary supplements in a scientific manner.

taking dietary supplements

A Giant Dietary Consumer in Europe

Report from Feder Salus, the Italian National Association of Health Products Manufacturers, reveals that 65% of Italian adults consume 2.5 kinds of dietary supplements every year, ranging from energy supplements and cardiovascular supplements to bone supplements and many others.

The dietary supplements sales in Europe have reached 12 billion Euro with Italy, Germany, Russia, UK and French as the top 5 consumers. As the No.1 dietary supplements consumer around the world, America has more than 90 thousand categories of dietary supplement products, whose annual sales are 1.5 times more than that of Europe.

European dietary supplement

How to consume Dietary Supplements Scientifically

A recent research from Italy Life & Science Association (Fisv) reveals that most consumers consume dietary supplements inappropriately. Due to the absence of medical knowledge and spurious advertising, consumers always take dietary supplements to prevent diseases, lose weight, and even replace medicine.

Researchers noted that Vitamin and minerals have little prevention or treatment outcome for chronic diseases. And excessive daily consumption of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Beta-carotene will damage people's health.

Dietary supplements should be taken under the following circumstances:

1. Women planning pregnancy can take folic acid

2. Breastfeed infants should consume Vitamin

3. Seniors above 50 should take Vitamin B.

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